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Mrs. Gear First Grade


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ONLINE TEXT go to  Your child can type in their username and their password to gain access to the online textbook. Usernames  are their lunch numbers and their passwords are first initial and the first 4 letters of their last name, followed by the numbers 123.  Example     Username    750012345

                                                                   Password     cgear123 


We have 2 main stories for this week:  Mole and the Baby Bird. and Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery    High Frequency words (word wall words) for this week are: door, wood, loved, should, among, none, another, instead.  REVIEW of all previously taught ones:

Unit 5 along, never, behind, eyes, pulling, forward.  THESE WORDS ARE SIGHT WORDS, meaning I do not want children trying to decode their sounds.  Most sight words don't follow phonics rules anyway.  Students must say them within 2-3 seconds

Unit 4:  room, thought, remember, picture, stood, found, mouth, once, took, wild, colors, draw, drew, great, over, show, sign, about, enjoy give, surprise, worry, would, above, eight, laugh, moon, touch. .  

Unit 3 away, house, our, car, very, afraid, again, how, few, red, soon, school, friends, any, every, enough, ever, own, sure, were, always, things, everything, become, day, nothing, stays.    

Unit 2:  also, some, other, family, new, their, around, under, water, find, food, grow, there, down, together, inside, now, people, who, work, live, out, could, paper, of, be, horse, old, put, no, good, said, want, catch   

Unit 1: home, them, into, many, saw, tree, small, your, five, four, this, eat, her, too, blue, help, from, get,use, little, come, on, in, one, way, as, take, what, up, she, his.  

Kindergarten yellow, me, my, white, for, red, has, here, little, what, look, where, with, was, a, go, to, I, we, see, the, can, green, gray, like, have,  play, black, he, is, she, purple, said, do, blue, you, and, are, this  Students have to know them by sight, meaning to they need to be memorized and stay in their memory.  They should be able to say them with no more than a 2 or 3 second delay.

Games for sight word practice

                                                           Parent   GREAT online resource 



Spelling words for this week consist of words with the ow,  ou spelling patterns in compound words.

however          somehow

anyhow            uptown

sundown          downtown

townhouse          housework

outhouse          blackout         

Bonus   roundabout   horsepower   background

Sentence    Somehow I will do the housework in the downtown townhouse.




We will review first grade skills.

Grammar and writing

Identifying pronouns.   We will review nouns, verbs. and adjectives    Writing finishing touches to our fantasy story plus writing a letter to our main character.


Monday  read Puppy Roundup Pick 3 spelling words and use each in a sentence.  

Tuesday read Mole and Baby Bird   Choose 3 spelling words and write a sentence for each.

Wednesday Read The Rooks' Farm Mark 3 different spelling words and write a sentence for each.

Thursday  Read Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery  study words   

Friday Enjoy your weekend!